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Here are 4 Golf Tips That Will Get You To The Next Level


Getting better at golf is a tough task: it’s not just about the swing, it is not just about the ball or the posture. It is a mix of all these characteristics and more that need to be improved in order to get better.

How do you start? What specific area should you focus on to yield the best results? This is as much of a dilemma of finding the right golf course to play around you.

This is exactly what we’re going to cover.

Step 1: Make it a rule to learn as much as possible from others

Indeed, you can try to hit the driving range yourself and complete as many shots as possible.

Yet, this will not be as efficient as having a mentor you can rely on and get feedback from. This is why it is highly recommended that you watch precisely how the best pro players execute their swings, but also get in touch with your local golf course to get you a coach.

These two action steps will help you speed up your improvement like crazy and will make sure you learn golf the right way with the right movements.

Step 2: Apply best-in-class long game strategies

With the long game, three things matter most: your knees, the wind and your rhythm.

The knees because they are the core structure holding and balancing your body and because they define how much strength will be applied to the ball. You push on your knees during the swing to remain stable which helps your arms generate as much lift as possible to the golf ball. Some golf balls are able to compensate but we recommend to pick standard golf balls so you practice with balls using by pro players.

The wind, because it can change the pathway of the ball mid-air. Learn to sense the wind before you hit the ball so you can make adjustments (hit further, or more to the left to compensate if there’s wind coming from the opposite direction). Good news is you can get a weather forecast before hitting the golf course with precise wind direction and strength.

And finally your overall rhythm because it ensures that every step of your swing is completed in a timely manner. To practice your rhythm, learn to complete practice shots in slow-motion: this will highlight key weaknesses in your game if you’re unable to swing in slow-motion. You will also learn to better appreciate the feedback you get from your golf club (fairway woods or hybrid clubs).

Step 3: Master short-game strategies

Here it’s all about closing: you’ve managed to get the ball close to the ball and you just have to push it through so the ball gets in.

To maximize your chances, apply the sand wedge putt. It’s a technique that was made famous by Lee Trevino.

Step 4: Maintain proper stance and watch your health

2 elements are important here.

First, always monitor your posture when hitting the golf course. It should always be straight with your hands low. The body is the source of power so make sure the balance is always maintained in every step of the golf swing.

Second, golf is a demanding sport mentally and physically so you need to ensure your body is kept up to par. This means you should absolutely complete golf workouts and exercises prior and after the game. Also, it is recommended to stretch heavily as well as set aside a few hours per week to work out in the gym. This will make sure your stay in shape to give your best on the golf course.

This is an abridged version of a guide published online. You can check out the full version that goes in depth into each topic here.