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The Ultimate Driver? M1


A Rainmaker review.

TaylorMade Golf’s humble beginnings began in 1979 after founder Gary Adams borrowed $24,000 from his home loan and went with his gut feel with only 3 employees. Starting off, Mr Adams sold one invention, a 12⁰ metalwood known as the “Pittsburgh Permission”. Today TaylorMade and adidas (since 1997) is one of the biggest brands in golf on the forefront of technology.

God Bless you Gary Adams, a true “golfing outlier” and thank you for starting for what is one of the innovative golfing brands out there.

Time for the next most significant instalment in quite a while on the Driver side. The M1 with the carbon composite crown this can be compared to that of a high end sports car and performance to match. A Bugatti Veyron would be a fair comparison.

The pre-game hype behind the M1 was substantial going back to September at the BMW Championship when the Tour Pros were given their first prototypes. Killer case study in that Jason Day tested the M1 on the Wednesday Pro Am “just to see how it went” he liked it so much that he instantly put it into play for the week and has not looked back.

In all fairness the young Aussie has been in impressive form, he did comment that the M1 was noticeably further. That week, Day led the field in driving distance (312.7 yards) and strokes gained: tee-to-green (plus 11.80). Ultimately winning the event and fulfilling his childhood dream of being the No1 ranked golfer on the planet.

In addition, for the inaugural week at the BMW Championship,16 further athletes put the M1 into play – more than 20% of the field for the week. M1 was the #1 driver model in play at the BMW Championship, one week after its official launch. Hype? Many Pro’s would disagree.

M1 Mechanics and how does it really work?

The thought, technology and foresight behind the M1 is quite something.  Here’s Todd Beach the Vice President of Product Development of R&D Metalwoods at TaylorMade Adidas HQ giving us the best possible description in the fastest amount of time.

Very few brands have got it right using composite. It generally dampens the feel and gives off a different sound.  But not so with the M1, in addition to a solid feel and great sound using intelligent design and tune ports. The pure genius of TaylorMade kicks in. It not what composite does, what matters is what you do with the weight saving abilities of composite.

Next dimension and introducing the T-Track where you literally have the world at your fingertips in terms of shot shape and all possible trajectory options.  

No better than “Brian Bazzel” who is the Senior Director of Product Creation at TaylorMade HQ to tell us what the T-Track can do and how it works.


From a personal capacity I was very fortunate to have a fitting with Danie Geldenhuys who is one of the highly qualified, TaylorMade Technicians. We met at The World of Golf in Johannesburg, South Africa a few weeks ago. I can truthfully say it is the only way to really test and compare club performance.  We also had the benefit of Flightscope which really made the process more accurate and very transparent.

We started by hand selecting 5 good drives or drives I was reasonably happy with, using my …… a highly rated 2015 model driver. Using that as the baseline or standard and then started to look at all the options and comparisons. I must say the patience was very appreciated as this was a very cool experience. I tried all 3 different shaft options which was really great to see and feel how each one performed.

High Launch:


Mid Launch:


Low Launch:


Setup Consensus.

In theory is one thing yet no test like playing and comparing at your home course which I did last week. WOW! Definitely going further, even on mishits I was in the range of my “old” drives. Very close to what we tested with the a 25m or 27-yard gain, sometimes more.  A straighter and more consistent ball flight with what feels to be a very forgiving clubface.

An incredible result for this guy and yes the M1 is staying in the bag and I haven’t looked back. Be advised that this beauty won’t come cheap but not the most expensive one out there.

Taking that into account the materials, next level tech, R&D, bespoke offerings in high-end shaft options and service to back it up. The M1 is one of the best options out there. The best analogy I can think of, is that you may have the best Giorgio Armani or Hugo Boss suit but if it is not custom fit or TaylorMade for you, it just will never look right and never go down as well as it should.

The better the fit, the better the performance. A good rule to have in the game of life. The M1 is one beautiful club that performs like a true beast.  Full Marks and extra credit on the rating. It is that good.

Get fitted and reap the M1’s benefits.

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