Ashbourne Golf Club

Archerstown, Ashbourne, County Meath, Leinster, Ireland +353 1 835 2005

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Ashbourne Golf Club

The Ashbourne Golf Club is a picturesque Championship Parklands Course situated in County Meath only 8 minutes from the M50.

Ashbourne Golf Course is an 18 hole par 71 measuring 5,869 metres of the championship tees.  It was designed by Declan Branigan and PGA golf professional John Dwyer is on hand to offer training for beginners and those in need of some polish on their golf game.

The course layout is extremely well designed to take full advantage of the available space creating plenty of long drives off the tee with water hazards and sand bunkers strategically placed to test your skill to the full. The 6th hole seem deceptive in its simplicity at first glance but the hole is obscured from the tee as the fairway curves to the left and at 487 metres you will need to judge your shot carefully to land in an advantageous position.

The club is also available for special events and offers bar and catering facilities to meet the needs of members, visitors and special guests alike.

Visit for more information on course details, leagues, tournaments and competitions, contact information, events calendars, fees, club facilities, photo galleries as well as instructions for finding the club from all major thoroughfares.