Randpark Golf Club, Firethorn Course

Setperk Rd, Randpark, Randburg, Johannesburg, Gauteng 2194, South Africa +27 11 215 8600 http://www.randpark.co.za/firethorn-course/

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Randpark Golf Club, Firethorn Course

The Randpark GC, Firethorn Course is the second championship golf course at the Randpark Golf Club. It was established in the mid-60s when Randpark Golf Club bought land adjacent to their Windsor Park course. The land was then turned into a golf course, which was later renamed Firethorn Course, by prominent South African professional golfer and golf course architect Sid Brews.

The Firethorn golf course at Randpark Golf Club has since then undergone several golf field enhancements and modifications to preserve its modern quest as a major and ultimate golf facility.

In 1990 several tees were modified and lengthened, the greens were entirely refurbished by the unheralded and well renowned Golf Data golf course design firm and golf course architect Mark Muller.

Randpark GC, Firethorn Course plays to the eighteen holes in seventy-two pars. The course is open on Mondays from 6:30 am. For more information about Randpark Golf Club and its golf facilities please visit www.randpark.co.za/visitor-information

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