Durbanville Golf Club

Sport Way, Durbanville, Cape Town, Western Cape 7550, South Africa +27 219 76 8120

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Durbanville Golf Club

Durbanville Golf Club offers a well established course 25 minutes drive from Cape Town.  The course was built in 1967 at the behest of local amateur enthusiasts in the Durbanville area and the first round was played in 1971. 

Unlike many other South African courses the Durbanville Golf Club does not require strenuous hill climbs or slogging through thick bush in search of your ball, instead you can enjoy wide open fairways and immaculate bent grass greens which make for a relaxing and enjoyable game of golf.

Your game begins with a 361 metre par 4 with a large level fairway and a bunker on the right followed by a par 4 second hole with a narrow fairway and dogleg to the right.  Particularly enjoyable  are Hole 11, a par 5, stroke 7 hole measuring 459 metres on a raised green overlooking the dam  and Hole 12, a 180 metre par 3 short hole over the side of the lake which is well known for its beautiful setting and abundant birdlife.

Visit for more information on course details, leagues, tournaments and competitions, contact information events calendars, fees, club facilities, photo galleries as well as instructions for finding the club from all major thoroughfares.