Rondebosch Golf Club

Golf Course Road, Mowbray, Cape Town, Western Cape 7700, South Africa +27 21 689 4176

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Rondebosch Golf Club

They established Rondebosch Golf Club in 1911 and to this day it remains a popular choice for both local and visiting golfers. Few clubs in South Africa have celebrated over a century in existence. They have brought this longevity by maintaining a strong membership and constant development and improvement. 

Situated within 10 minutes from Cape Town city center, Rondebosch GC offers a challenge to even the most experienced golfers. While remaining friendly and accessible for those less experienced. Beautiful surroundings, abundant bird life, interesting natural challenges including a river running through the course and a well-established tradition of excellence has led to Rondebosch Golf Club being rated a 'Must-Play' course amongst golfers.

They incorporated the rich history of the golf club into the roots of the game. From, the time they first introduced it in 1885 when they played at the Cape Golf Club in Wynberg. However, that club eventually split into Rondebosch GC, the Royal Cape GC, and King David Mowbray Golf Club.

The Rondebosch golf course opens with a tight low stroking par 4. I would suggest a drive to the left side of the right fairway bunker. That is surely the best line to make par on this hole. Enjoying a solid history of professional competition, Rondebosch has hosted seven consecutive Sunshine Tour events, 2 professional ladies European Tour events and the South African Ladies Amateur Open.

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