Royal Cape Golf Club

174 Ottery Road, Wynberg, Cape Town, Western Cape, 7800, South Africa +27 21 761 6551

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Tue Chance of Rain 64°F 58°F NW 25mph 60%
5:29 am
7:36 pm
Wed Partly Cloudy 65°F 56°F S 14mph 0%
5:29 am
7:37 pm
Thu Partly Cloudy 67°F 58°F SSE 23mph 0%
5:28 am
7:38 pm
Fri Mostly Cloudy 72°F 59°F SSE 31mph 0%
5:28 am
7:39 pm
Sat Sunny 69°F 63°F SSE 26mph 0%
5:28 am
7:40 pm
Sun Sunny 71°F 60°F S 26mph 0%
5:28 am
7:41 pm
Mon Partly Cloudy 67°F 61°F SSE 21mph 0%
5:27 am
7:42 pm
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4 Stars = Good Conditions | 5 Stars = Ideal/Excellent | All Grey Stars = Night/Dark

Royal Cape Golf Club

The golf club we cherish as the Royal Cape GC is an elegant vintage recreational arena for playing golf. Its founding eras back to the 14th of November in the year 1885. Then, the club was only known as the Cape Golf Club. Under this light, the Royal Cape Golf Club thus shines as the first and oldest golf club in the democratic Republic of South Africa. 

This prestigious Grand Dame earned the royal status to its name some twenty-five years later, precisely in the year 1910. Like most private social clubs, the iconic Royal Cape Golf Club is exclusively open to its prestigious club members and of course, their guests. 

Although Royal Cape GC has had its fair share of relocations and witnessed some incredible upgrades over the years, the classic parkland layout remains as one of the finest testing venues in South Africa, to which it has hosted no less than ten South African Open Championships. 

Royal Cape GC’s weather and climate is dominated by four notable seasons. A pleasantly calm, hot, dry summer that typically lasts December through March, and a warm, highly humid, cold but not too severe winter which occurs as of May through July. 

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