Steenberg Golf Club

11111 Tokai Road, Steenberg Estate, Tokai, Cape Town, Western Cape 7945, South Africa +27 21 713 2233

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Steenberg Golf Club

Steenberg Golf Estate is a premier golf and residential complex, located in Tokai, a large suburb on the foothills of the Constantiaberg Mountains in the Table Mountain range in Cape Town, South Africa. The estate houses the eighteen-holed Steenberg Golf Club.

Estimated at 6,500 meters in play length for up to seventy-two pars, Steenberg Golf Club ranks amongst the top ten golf courses to visit in South Africa. The course threads through the award-winning Steenberg Hotel, the natural wooded sections of the Table Mountain National Park, the Tokai Forests, and the Uitsig vintage wine plots just south of Constantia.

Steenberg GC is a mere fifteen minutes' drive from CBD Cape Town yet in close proximity to the beachside suburb of Muizenberg. Steenberg Estate itself is rich in rough culture and heritage. Also thanks to the wealth of experience and leading-edge attitude of the golf club the course reigns as a highly recommended golf and estate destination in the country that is challenging yet fun to both the neophyte and the established golfer alike. 

 The golf course at Steenberg Golf Club was designed by one of South Africa’s most exclusive golf course designer, Peter Matkovich, who began construction of the Steenberg Golf Club project in the year 1994 to complete in 1995.