TPC River Highlands

One Golf Club Road, Cromwell, Middlesex County, CT 06416, United States +1 860 635 5000

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TPC River Highlands

The Tournament Players Club River Highlands is a member’s only golf association. TPC River Highlands is located about 10 miles south of Hartford, in the affluent suburbia of Cromwell, in Middlesex County of stately Connecticut, in the United States. The legendary Connecticut River meanders past the eastern edge of TPC River Highlands golf course.

TPC River Highlands is part of the Tournament Players Club network, which is run by the golf event organising giants, the PGA TOUR. TPC River Highlands is a state-of-the-art environmental friendly blueprint, beautifully carved into a rolling terrain. It boasts a championship golf course with 18 holes and multiple tees. It is home to the Travelers Championship.

TPC River Highlands has had its fair share of name changes. When it 1st opened for play in 1928, the golf course was known as Middletown Golf Club. Six years later, in 1934 it went on to become Edgewood Country Club. Then changed to the TPC of Connecticut in 1984, and again in 1989 to TPC River Highlands.

The outstanding layout is designed to test the finest abilities in golf, yet preserving an unforgettable experience to the average golfer. The course offers a fair balance of challenge and exhilaration as best highlighted on the four finishing holes.

The layout features bentgrass fairways and greens bordered by bluegrass fescue rough with a generous sprinkling of tactically well placed bunkers and water hazards along the par 70 rolling terrain.

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