Bethpage State Park, Black Course

99 Quaker Meeting House Road, Farmingdale, Nassau County, New York 11753, United States +1 516 249 0701

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Bethpage State Park, Black Course

Designed by internationally renowned golf course engineer, A.W. Tillinghast, the Black Course, is the world-famed eighteen-hole public recreational golf facility occupying the northeastern-most portion of the Bethpage State Park Courses property, some thirty-two miles east of New York City. The spectacular Bethpage State Park, Black Course is believed to have opened for tee-offs in the late months of the year 1935. It is one of the toughest testing venues known to golf. 

Contrary to popular belief the Bethpage State Park Golf Courses are not straddled in Bethpage, but, physically located on a state-owned historical piece of land in Old Bethpage Village, just north of Farmingdale Village in southern Long Island within the Town limits of Oyster Bay of Nassau County, New York, United States

As a common host to the United States Open championship, the Black Course at Bethpage State Park courses boasts three teeing options within a playing length of between 6223 yards and 7468 yards for 71 pars. The Black Course is one of the world's toughest and very challenging courses and is highly recommended for the amusement of low-handicap golfers, which is probably the major reason why Bethpage State Park, Black Course dominates the list of public golf courses appealing to the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, USGA and the PGA of America endorsed events.

While precipitation is fairly distributed year-round, the Atlantic Ocean has a great moderating effect to Bethpage State Park, Black Course's climate. Thus, the course normally enjoys a warm, humid summer weather and a mild golf-friendly, humid winter weather.

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